A Book, A Book, A Book!


My good friend, D. Christian Markham, has just published – today! – a new book, entitled “There Are Save Two Churches Only, Volume I“. It is 534 pages long. I assisted in the proofreading, editing, and research of this book. I also created and maintain a website for it: twochurchesonly.com.


This is an amazing book. What else can I say? You will learn things that you never even suspected.


This is the information from the rear cover of the book:
—- start —-

“And [the angel] said unto me: Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil… the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth. And it came to pass that I looked and beheld the whore of all the earth, and she sat upon many waters; and she had dominion over all the earth, among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people.”
— 1 Nephi 14:9-10

There Are Save Two Churches Only

A critical exposé of ancient and modern deceptions, hidden agendas, and overlooked truths. Prepared for the thoughtful reader who is willing to follow the admonition of Patrick Henry: “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” (from his Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death speech, March 23, 1775)

Compiled and written for the purpose of glorifying God Almighty and His Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Accomplished through the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

— What truly is the source and root of all evil and abomination?
— Why do politicians and government leaders break their promises?
— Why is there so much war when great efforts are made for peace?
— Why do society’s problems grow steadily worse over the long run?
— Why is organized religion such a culprit in worldwide conflicts?
— Why do selfish and greedy people thrive while the humble suffer?
— I’m an honest, diligent, good person; can’t I be rich and influential too?
— Why are so many people stressed, depressed and suicidal today?
— What is the cause of all this pain? Who is perpetuating it? WHY?

The answers to these questions and many more are in this book. They are painful, difficult answers. Proceed with humility, patience and penitence.

—- end —-


I encourage you to visit the website, and read all that is available there. We currently have the text through to the end of Part 1 available to read online, but we will eventually have the entire thing posted. In the meantime, the complete Volume I is available for free download as a PDF, and for purchase – at cost (i.e., no profits to the author!).

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