What Can I Do?

What Can We Do Now?

What can you do here and now? First, resolve to live the Law of the Harvest and realize that this will involve a price, and with some that price will be very, very heavy. Then go to work, resisting temptation, overcoming bad habits, and developing the good habits of an upright character, and be a diligent student. A wise educator and leader, William George Jordan, beautifully describes this process of acquiring self-control:

It is only the progressive installment plan Nature recognizes. No man can make a habit in a moment or break it in a moment. It is a matter of development, of growth. But at any moment man may begin to make or begin to break any habit. This view of the growth of character should be a mighty stimulus to the man who sincerely desires and determines to live nearer to the limit of his possibilities.

Like the light set on a hill, like the leaven of a loaf, you will influence for good our entire country and help preserve this great Republic and its inspired Constitution and its great climate of freedom.

The Real Issue Is Righteousness

God will preserve our country and protect it from all enemies, within and without, if we will worship the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ. The real issue is righteousness. We must not pray, as did Augustine, “O God, make me clean, but not yet.”

I witness that Jesus Christ lives, that He is the Author of freedom and the perfect exemplar of the Law of the Harvest.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatso­ever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7.)


Excerpt from The Law of the Harvest by Howard W. Hunter, as posted on Latter-day Conservative.


    • watchmanonthetower

      Thanks for the excellent link! I own–and have read–almost all of the works cited, and agree with t hem wholeheartedly! I have to disagree with you slightly, though, and clarify that the document exposes apostasy among the members of the Church generally, and not the leaders specifically, although it by no means excludes them. I’m not sure which “five points of criteria” you refer to, but I would love to hear how you think they might be in conflict with the document you linked to.

      • patric alan

        Do you wish for me to continue posting my comments, or would it be better for us to communicate privately? I have much to share with you.

        Sincerely, Your Bro


  1. Patric Alan

    Here’s my point Brother: If I understand you correctly you stated as one of your five key criteria that “ I trust the teachings of Joseph Smith, and inspired teachings from successive General Authorities of the LDS Church.”
    I believe that the General Authorities are as bound as any other member, by Ether 8:24 and D&C 123:13 and D&C 88:77-80 and the commandment given in D&C 98:6-11, specifically to forsake all unconstitutional ‘laws’ and all govt. agents who are less than good, wise and honest, and to teach all the members to do the same.
    However, except for President Benson and Elder H. Verlon Anderson, they have remained silent on the matters referred to in all the above cites, in order to be in compliance with their agreement with the IRS under Title 26, USC, Section 501(c)(3), which makes them a government-controlled, non-profit corporation.
    Their only advantage in being in compliance with the 501(c)(3) rules, is that it saves them from paying millions of dollars in taxes on their profits from their commercial investments. The tithes and donations are already protected from govt. taxation and have nothing to do with 501(c)(3).
    So for the sake of money, the General Authorities have neglected to warn the members about the ways that the Illuminati have taken control of all of our media, the churches and universities, the worldwide banking systems, the governments of this and the other nations, etc.
    Don’t you agree that this is in fulfillment of the warning given in the prophetic parable found in D&C 101:43-57, where we are told that, for the sake of money, those appointed by the Lord to warn us had “fallen asleep” and allowed the tares to take control of the church?
    This especially is implied where we are also given virtual duplicate warnings in D&C 86, where we are again warned that the apostles would fall asleep and the tares would take control of the church, driving the faithful members “into the wilderness”.
    Since I have not finished reading your books (I only discovered them a week ago), I might be repeating points that you have already covered.
    I anxiously await your response.

  2. Patric Alan

    Latter-Day Warnings of the Apostasy of the LDS Church:

    From its inception, up to the present time, the Church has been under constant condemnation because the members refuse to heed the revelations and commandments (some of which I have previously mentioned) given with the restoration of the fullness.
    [see D&C 84:54-57 and https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2010-07-070-the-church-under-condemnation?lang=eng%5D

    Notice that, while Elder Oaks admits the current condemned status of the Church, he only offers our neglect of the Book of Mormon as the reason. He doesn’t dare mention the other obvious reasons, which are given in the scriptures named in my previous posting. And thus he continues the failure of the General Authorities to warn the Church, but instead to remain “asleep”.

    So it appears that the Church has been under condemnation for more than 180 years! Thus, if we are to believe D&C 63:63, the Church has been “cut off”, meaning the Lord has probably ceased to deal with the Church leadership, altogether! This is in keeping with another warning given by Joseph Smith, himself: “If Zion will not purify herself, so as to be approved of in all things, in His sight, He will seek another people;” [TPJS pg. 18]

    This gives us good reason for the warning given by the Lord in section 64:38-40 of the D&C, about deceivers among the apostles and prophets and bishops of Zion. Now the General Autuhorities would have us believe that these verses are referring to people outside of the church organization, but verse 38 makes it clear that He is referring to “…things pertaining to Zion”

  3. Patric Alan

    Secret Satanic Societies within the Church
    As I was reading your analysis of the differences between the organization of the Lord’s church and the church of the devil, I was reminded of the report made in 1990, by Glenn L. Pace, of the Presiding Bishopric, regarding his uncovering of the existence of Satanic Cults within the various local Church leaderships, such as stake presidencies, but who knows how high they might reach, even among the General Authorities: http://www.whale.to/b/pacememo.html
    Of course, as you and I know, for such cults to survive, they should not be subjected to that kind of exposure…so the General Authorities remained silent about the report, Elder Pace was apparently shipped abroad before he could be made available for questioning, and the government investigation purportedly could produce no evidence to support the testimonies of at least 60 people who had witnessed or become participants of such rituals, and so it appears that the whole thing has been successfully covered up.

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